AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016 Build 168 Cracked Free Download Softasm

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Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy Pro v2016 Build 168 Final is a comprehensive software to provide effective data protection and containing purification tools installed Web browsers and remove any traces of user activity. Users can easily remove any traces of user activity on your network and create and restore a backup copy of the configuration settings for your Web browser. Just one click, we can enable a special module which controls and protects your computer against spies when using and viewing Web sites. AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016 Free off spy features that protects when using a Web browser.

AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016 Serial Key Features:

To ensure privacy during the daily use of the Internet is StealthBrowser. It prevents the transmission to the sites the browser version information of the installed extensions, and others, which are used to display Web pages, but with their help can be created. finger prints of any browser on any computer. Other available AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016 Crack functions allow you to clean browser history, cookies, cache is a list of downloads.
– Clean and remove traces of your surfing activities: Browser-Cache, History and Cookies.
– Backup your browsers settings, profiles, URLs, cookies, etc.
– Clear all cookies on Windows startup.

Installation Instructions:

Open [ABS_2016_Cracked.exe] and install the software.
The app is cracked. No serial or patch is needed.
Enjoy AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016 latest full version.

Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2016.173 (Retail)


AntiBrowserSpy stops your browser from spying on you. Internet Explorer, Firefox oder Chrome: Most of today’s web browsers are sending data to their manufacturers. AntiBrowserSpy is a tool designed for helping users to switch off browser spy functionality. Stop browsers from spying on you, remove internet traces and create backups of your browser settings – with AntiBrowserSpy.

AntiBrowserSpy 2016

Prevents spying
AntiBrowserSpy turns off hidden spy functionalities of your browsers.

Deletes Internet Traces
AntiBrowserSpy cleans traces of your surfing activities: Browser-Cache, History and Cookies.

Creates browser backups
AntiBrowserSpy can create backups of all your browser settings.


Many espionage features of common web browsers cannot be disabled by PC users – even experts cannot turn off all of them. AntiBrowserSpy makes it very easy to control all browser settings. With one mouse click you can configure the settings of all your browsers and disable even hidden espionage features.

Stealth Mode
The stealth feature radomizes your UserAgent, so your browser fingerprint cannot be tracked backed to you.

Remove Internet Traces
AntiBrowserSpy allows you to remove internet traces easily. This contains the removal of history entries and web cache. Download lists and typed URLs can also be cleaned. Additionaly AntiBrowserSpy contains a cookie manager allowing you to view and protect specific cookies.

Auto-Cleanup – Schedule cleanups and backups
AntiBrowserSpy can automate all main functions, too. For example it can clear all cookies on Windows startup. The program offers you a friendly user interface and plenty of detailed information for every function.

Release Date: 2016-08-22
OS: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Language: Multilingual



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